I like to do things the old- fashioned way, because sometimes it’s nice to take the scenic route and honour the process as much as the product.

Each one of my hats and headpieces are made by myself in my beautiful, light, bright Melbourne studio. To start the process, I block your felt or straw hats on traditional wooden hat block, as these determine the final shape and size of your hat. (Some of my hat blocks are living a second life, inherited from my great- grandmother, who worked as milliner in Perth).

Once they’re dry, the pieces of your hat are hand- stitched together and trims and bindings are hand- stitched down.

I source materials small or locally, when I can. Felts and straws are sourced from Melbourne or Sydney suppliers, silks are purchased and colour matched as needed from bridal ateliers and the petersham ribbons on your hat are imported from small manufactures in France and England.

If there is embroidery on your hat, I have stitched it by hand, if there are flowers I have stiffened, cut, shaped the petals and assembled the flowers and if there is paint on your hat I have painted that on myself. I think it’s nice to hold onto these processes. It makes every piece unique and preserves traditional techniques that may otherwise be forgotten.